Rosa Crochet Flower

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This crochet rose pattern was named for my mother.   Her name was Rosa and she had a great passion for flowers, roses in particular.   In designing this crochet rose pattern, I wanted something with a flat back in order to attach a pin or barrette to the back easily.  I also dislike crocheting roses in the strip method.   Rolling it up and sewing it together is just not for me.   You first make a circle working in rounds without joining to create a spiral, then work around the spiral to form the rose.  This creates the nice flat back for attaching a pin or barrette, but also for attaching to other crochet work.  There is also a nice round of unworked loops left on the last round for neatly sewing without having the stitches show.

Shown on my purse and shawl patterns.
Shawl pattern:

Roses and Leaves shown on my One Squared Purse Pattern which can be found Here: