Easy Crocheting with Beads Tutorial

Crocheting with beads is easier than you may think.  Follow this tutorial to add beads to your next project, the easy way.  Materials you will need are:  Worsted weight yarn, pony beads, and two crochet hooks.  One the size called for by your particular yarn or pattern, and a C hook-2.75mm.  

Heres how:

With hook called for by your particular pattern or yarn, Work stitch you wish to have a bead in until you have two loops remaining on hook.  Here I am demonstrating using dc.
Remove your hook from one loop.
Grab your C hook, and put a bead on it.   I usually load up my hook so I dont have to grab a bead every time.  The thumb rest portion of the hook prevents them from sliding off the end.  How handy is that?
Now, Insert your C hook with the bead into your dropped loop.

And then push bead down over the end of hook onto loop, using hook to pull loop through the bead.

Now remove the C hook from the loop, and reinsert first original hook back into the loop.  Yarn over, and draw through both loops on hook.  Bead attached and stitch completed.  Please note here I have changed beads to a wooden one only for better visibility.

This is the Fleuri purse I made with Beads.    The purse pattern is not my own, and can be found here:  Fleuri: A bag in blossom.   However, I did make changes to the pattern.  They can be found here:  Beaded Fleuri Purse

I love how the crystal beads simulate dew on the flower.
Beads not so visible in this pic unfortunately.  
However, they are stunning in the sunlight.