Twirlagig Hat and Flower set, crochet pattern.

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Twirlagig Hat has a spiraling surface braid and is worked in rows. Sized to fit an average size womans head. There is no backpost or frontpost crochet stitches used in this pattern. Instead 3 new stitches are used: half single crochet, half treble crochet and half double treble. Great, quick project to learn new stitches and techniques. Also included in the pattern is a smaller version of my braided twirlagig flower to adorn your hat.  Pattern has now been updated to include a toddlers and newborns size.  Thank you Debi for testing these sizes.
Pattern is written using Standard American Crochet Terms.

Cup Caddy Crochet Pattern

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Turn on ordinary coffee cup into a Caddy.   Fits a 3"x 4" mug. Crocheted all in one piece except the optional tie. Has 9 pockets total on the outside, fully divided between. Pattern is now at my testers and should be available on Etsy and Ravelry in the next few days. I am extremely happy with this project.  Will be making several more: One for hubbys desk (in manly colors, tehehe), one for the bathroom for makeup brushes and another for the kitchen. Thanks for looking. 

Mug Cozy in Tapered shells.

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Shell stitch mug cozy is made for tapered mugs, not ones with straight up and down sides. A couple of really cool things with this pattern: The increases for the taper are worked in the shells, so makes it super easy. Also the shells allow the cozy to reach all the way to the top of your mug, but leaves a cool lip shaped spot for you to put your smoochers. You can drink from the cup without putting your lips on the cozy! How cool is that? Also, the button is attached during the crochet and not sewn on afterwards. You will need a 3/4 shank back button. My mug pictured measurements are 3.75 Inches across the top, 2.5 Inches across the bottom and 4.5 Inches tall.

Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial

Foundation Single crochet:
Step 1)  Chain 2.   Insert hook in second chain from hook.  Yo and draw loop through.   You will now have  2  loops on hook.

 Step 2)  Yo and draw through one loop on hook.    By drawing through this one loop you just created a chain.   You will work into this chain in your next foundation single crochet.   See photo below.

Yo and draw through booth loops on hook.  

One completed foundation single crochet.  The arrow indicates the loops you will insert hook for the next foundation single crochet.
 One Foundation single crochet completed.  The arrow points to where you will insert hook for additional fsc.

For each additional foundation single crochet:
Insert hook in the chain that was created in Step 2.  It will sit on the left edge of work.  Yo, and draw loop through.      Repeat step 2.

Braided, a knit look crochet headband pattern

Braided, a knit look headband uses half double crochet and a special stitch that I have not seen else where that I call the herringbone single crochet. It creates the surface braid and the taper in the headband for the nape of the neck for comfort, while still covering the ears on those chilly days. The head band measures approximately 4 Inches at widest point, 2 1/2 Inches at narrow point, and about 19 Inches around, but is easily adjustable. Worked in the round on a foundation single crochet base so that it is equally stretchy throughout the headband. A regular starting chain would create an un-stretchy row. Pattern includes directions with photos for the foundation single crochet.
With the purchase of this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy, you will also receive your choice of one of three flower patterns to decorate your headband:
Daisy Dukes Flower or Gerbera Daisy Dukes Flower or Rosa Flower 

Happy New Year and 20% Sale

Wanting to wish all of my blog readers a Happy New Year.    I have decided that with the new year it was a great time to give my blog and Etsy shop a new look.  I have created a new logo for myself.  So over the next couple of days, please pardon my mess.     I will be rearranging and hopefully making my blog a bit easier to navigate.   So, as a Thank you for pardoning my makeover mess I am running a 20% off special on all of my patterns.

All of my patterns can be found on Ravelry here:
Coupon code to use at checkout is:  hookhound

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Coupon codes are good until 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time 1/5/11.  I also plan on gradually giving some of my older patterns makeovers as well.   Some of them need to be recrocheted in different colors and new pictures are definitely in order.  Most of the pictures were taken with my camcorder as my camera had broke.  Hubby has since purchased me a new camera.   I also have learned how to use a lightbox.  It is a great way to take pictures of crochet work.  Especially Caron Simply soft yarn which has a sheen that is difficult to photograph.

On my hook now is Childrens sizes for the Fuzzy Wuzzy slipper pattern, with a mens version to follow.   The Men's and boys sizes will not have fun fur.     Can you just see all our dear hubby's running around the house with the marabou look,, tehehe..

I am really looking forward to the new year.  I will have lots of new patterns coming out in the next month or two.  Lots of ideas of projects floating around my head as well.  My goal for my Ravelry and Etsy shop is to have 5,000 patterns sold in the year of 2011.    My hubby and I have also set a goal for our selves for this year.  We are saving to put in a pool at our house. Not only is it nice to have one in Florida, but I will use it as well for my Crohn's.   Part of the disease is having arthritis in my SI joints and walking in a pool helps immensely.   So, all of my pattern sales will go to our Pool Fund.   It is great to have goals and it is what keeps me motivated.  They saying is "do what you love and the rest will follow".   I am doing what I love to do, crocheting and creating patterns that I have envisioned.    I truly appreciate every single time someone decides to purchase a pattern from my shops.   It is an honor to me when someone takes their time and yarn to create something I have designed.  For that, Thank you.     From my hook to yours,  Carlinda Lewis~The Hook Hound.