Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial

Foundation Single crochet:
Step 1)  Chain 2.   Insert hook in second chain from hook.  Yo and draw loop through.   You will now have  2  loops on hook.

 Step 2)  Yo and draw through one loop on hook.    By drawing through this one loop you just created a chain.   You will work into this chain in your next foundation single crochet.   See photo below.

Yo and draw through booth loops on hook.  

One completed foundation single crochet.  The arrow indicates the loops you will insert hook for the next foundation single crochet.
 One Foundation single crochet completed.  The arrow points to where you will insert hook for additional fsc.

For each additional foundation single crochet:
Insert hook in the chain that was created in Step 2.  It will sit on the left edge of work.  Yo, and draw loop through.      Repeat step 2.


  1. How about a Foundation half-double crochet?

  2. Thank You so much for your simple to understand directions!!! Telling me to look on the "left side edge of the work" for the chain made all the difference.

    1. Your very welcome, glad that it helped you. Also, when you go to work your next row or round remember that the left edge is also the bottom of the stitch.