Braided, a knit look crochet headband pattern

Braided, a knit look headband uses half double crochet and a special stitch that I have not seen else where that I call the herringbone single crochet. It creates the surface braid and the taper in the headband for the nape of the neck for comfort, while still covering the ears on those chilly days. The head band measures approximately 4 Inches at widest point, 2 1/2 Inches at narrow point, and about 19 Inches around, but is easily adjustable. Worked in the round on a foundation single crochet base so that it is equally stretchy throughout the headband. A regular starting chain would create an un-stretchy row. Pattern includes directions with photos for the foundation single crochet.
With the purchase of this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy, you will also receive your choice of one of three flower patterns to decorate your headband:
Daisy Dukes Flower or Gerbera Daisy Dukes Flower or Rosa Flower 


  1. this stitch with hdc looks like the stitch used by The Laughing Willow and described here
    is-it the same?
    i love the knit look of this stitch but i regret one thing, it only can be used in round, not in row

  2. Yes, the headband uses the hdc the same as the surface braid hat. However, the surface braid is the same in the taper and is consistent all around. I created a new stitch to to be able to do that. I first called it the herringbone single then decided to call it the half single crochet. It is possible to create the surface braid in rows as well. My twirlagig flower or twirlagig hat demonstrates how to do the surface braid with 4 different stitch heights and how to do them in the row.

  3. yes your twirlagig hat's texture is very interesting, especially considering that it is from the same surface braid technic.
    but the most attractive for me, is your last 2 colors headband with the surface braid look or knit look , i like it, it's a great stitch which potentially can be used in many patterns, i guess
    sorry for my english, hope you'll understand me

  4. Thank you Alliandra. I hope to have the pattern for the reversible two color headband available in the next couple of weeks. The pattern for the headband is ready and tested, however still deciding what to do for a flower for the headband.

  5. I just recently learned about the front post double crochet stitch, then later on found (a longer) way to make them look more like a knit, with a half double crochet stitch. I'm now working on a hat for my son, with the transformers autobot logo on it. Super excited to add in his name on the back of the hat!

  6. I saw an afghan today that looks like a double crochet with a braid running through it, the lady doing it said she knew how to do it but couldn't remember the stitch, I have looked everywhere would you happen to know what it is? I know I'm not explaining this very well. Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Sincerely, Jo