Crochet Felting

Just a quick update here.  I am currently working on some felting projects.   I have made the One Squared purse pattern and it felted beautifully.  It is drying and will take photos in the next few days.   My dear hubby got me a new camera this past weekend, yeah!!!!  So the quality of pictures of my crochet work should increase greatly.   My camera had broken so have been using my Video Cam to take still pictures.  Taking all new pictures of my past work will be a project in of itself.   Hubby really surprised me with the new camera.   On Saturday we decided to go to the park.  On the way to the park he agreed to stop at the craft store on the way.  Like most men he hates shopping so I was thrilled with just that.   While I went in to look for yarn, he went over to the office supply store next door.    When I came back to the car he had left the new camera for me on my car seat. What a sweetie he is!   We continued on to the park and I was able to put the new camera to use.  Below is a picture I took in the Butterfly Garden.

Felting is a lot of fun once you get past the scary of throwing it in the washer.
Here is a couple of tips for felting:
Crochet generally shrinks more in width than in height.

A slip stitch edge does not felt well.

Put your felted item in a pillow case rubber banded shut or a lingerie bag to prevent clogging up your washing machine.  

Use Hot cycle, a few drops of detergent.  Throw in old jeans or something similiar to help get more agitation.

Check item for desired felting about every 5 minutes.  I like to lose all stitch definition.  This is up to you.

Do not run through the spin cycle.  Instead roll item in a towel, to avoid hard to remove creases.  

Once you start felting, it is addicting, so beware.  Check back here for updates.  My hook will be flying. 

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