Beaded Crochet Scarf, current works in progress.

Just an update as I haven't posted in a bit.

Here is the Arm Candy handbag and cowl pattern just finished.  I have been on a beading kick lately.

On my hook right now:

Another beaded project.  However the beads are attached differently here than my beaded fleuri bag tutorial and is a little bit more advanced.   I will write the pattern out as soon as I am finished with it.  It is currently halfway done, hoping to finish this tomorrow. The opalescence of the beads and the sheen of the Caron Simply soft yarn make it difficult to get a good photo.  Crocheter yes, photographer I am not.  
After the scarf, I may or may not make a matching purse.   

I also have  two new dog sweater patterns in the works as well. Not pictured as I need to get supplies.
One dog sweater will be a very pretty lacey pattern.  A lighter weight sweater perfect for fall and spring.  The other will be called "Cross My Heart".   I just need to get them worked up.  I may need a pattern tester for an x small size.  Leave me a comment if you have a small dog less than ten pounds and would like to test a sweater pattern.   Then, I have an expectant mother to crochet for as well.  Thank goodness she is only a few months along so have some time.  I will do a 6 to 12 to 24 point Star Ripple Afghan for her with thread booties to match.    

Definitely been spending more time with my yarn than the computer, lol.    Head down, and back to the hook........

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