Modern Day Crochet, Ravelry and Kindle - Print pattern books becoming a thing of the past?

As a crocheter for many years I have a thing about collecting pattern books.   I can just never have too many...  Everytime I go to the market to buy yarn I always peruse the pattern books looking for something new. I also check my local thrift store for old and vintage pattern books on a regular basis as well.  It just seems to me that finding printed books is getting harder and harder to do.   I am thinking print books are starting to become a thing of the past.   I love Ravelry and being able to download patterns instantaneously.  There is just something so gratifying about that.

 Well now I have found a way to instantly download Pattern books that were once only available in print.   Lurking the internet I discovered Kindle Wireless Reading Device.  You are able to download books, newspapers, and blogs.  It uses wireless technology and no interconnection required.  You can be anywhere and be able to download.   Not only does it save paper and space, but since the publisher doesn't have to pay for printing, the savings are passed on to you.  It is cheaper to buy it digitally.   Not only does it apply to crochet books, but all print books.    You can also email documents you already have on your computer and get them uploaded to your kindle.  How great would that be to have your pdf patterns already on your computer all in one place with your other books?   I know I will definitely be getting one of these.    

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