The Going Green Hook-Thrift Store Finds

Before you head to your local Craft Store, consider stopping first at your local thrift shop like Salvation Army or Goodwill.    I get many supplies for my crochet projects there.  If you think out of the box, you can find tons of things for your projects there.   Here are just a few of the things that I look for.   Bed sheets can be used for Rag Crochet.  Old worn t-shirts can be used to make a soft comfortable yarn.    I will also check out the purses and belts to recycle the hardware from them as well. Already made sweaters can be unraveled for the wool too.   Plus, check the book section.  I head there first as it is one of my favorite places to find old and vintage crochet books.   Some of the larger thrift stores I have been to also have a craft section, and have found yarn as well from a project some one had meant to start and didn't.    A great way to recycle, giving a new purpose to unwanted items.   Your pocket book might thank you as well.    As thrift stores are very affordable, not only are you saving the Earth but some money as well.   Such a good thing, so next time, head to the thrift store first!


  1. My mom says I'm a thrift store snob. I get more stuff that I put into my creations. Orphan yarn makes great slippers. The neck of a soft t-shirt becomes the neck of a baby bib made from a hand towel. So many great finds

  2. Wow what great ideas! Never thought of this. I DO however go to Salvation Army, looking for any type of craft items. Only thing I've been able to find, are the craft pipe cleaners. HUGE amount I got for like $1 Otherwise, I never find yarn or anything. Ive gone to Goodwill, and hate to say it, their prices are too high.
    I LOVE the idea of buying a sweater, and unraveling it. Only concern of mine, is how the yarn is, its shape after doing so and using it. I will have to try this.
    I did want to add, when cleaning out my closet, before pitching, I take the buttons off any garment before throwing out. Buttons are SO expensive.
    I also hit the clearance section at JoAnn's and Michaels first! I have gotten awesome deals and some great finds this way. Walmart too!
    I have no idea how to use an old t-shirt to make yarn. Wish I did know, since we are always getting rid of old worn t-shirts! Maybe a search will help me find out how to do this.
    TY for the great ideas! My FAV, using old sweaters!

    1. OH Maybe garage sales too?! Course I usually don't go to them, total hit and miss. But that would be another idea.