Dog Sweaters~Crochet Patterns

Crochet Dog Sweaters I have designed:

Button Up Furbaby!

Crochet Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry:

Woof Woof Watermelon Wrap

Crochet Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry:

Modeling is "Jewel" my fourteen year old double dapple mini dachshund.    I originally designed these patterns when I was living in the Pacific Northwest and my short haired Weinerkids would get cold on walks.  Their short little legs make it impossible to fit sweaters with leg holes in them, so I made these up.

Ombre Tote Bag - A crochet pattern

    The Ombre Tote Bag is quick to work up and very sturdy using two strands of yarn to create the ombre effect. I wanted to make a pattern that had no hardware required to make.  It reminds me of the Prada Glace Tote bags.   Handle is crocheted I-cord and bag closes itself when handles are lifted. Bag measures a roomy 8 1/2” Tall X 7” Deep X 12” Wide. Don’t like the ombre effect? Just use one solid color of yarn.   Pattern is available to purchase at Ravelry here.

Change-able Change and Coin Purse, a crochet pattern.

My charming little change or coin purse.  Finished up getting the pattern on-line this morning.   Pattern accommodates any size rectangular sew on purse frame, and No Need to worry about gauge. Pattern is very easily adaptable and changeable to customize, hence name of pattern. Very easy one row repeat, worked in rows. Not in the round, but still has a rounded and full bottom shape. Shown using an “Everything Mary” brand frame that I purchased at my local JoAnn’s fabric Store, on sale it was $1.49. They had two sizes and 3 different colors available in the store. Exact stitch counts and rows are given for the “Everything Mary” small frame. It measures 3” x 1 1/2” when snapped shut. Purse dimensions are 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” when folded flat. A yarn needle, and needle small enough to fit through purse frame holes is needed. The frame I used required a Neelepoint needle size 20 to fit through the holes for sewing.  Pattern only is available as a pdf download for $5.99.   Check out additional photos on Ravelry here:  Change~able Purse

Modern Day Crochet, Ravelry and Kindle - Print pattern books becoming a thing of the past?

As a crocheter for many years I have a thing about collecting pattern books.   I can just never have too many...  Everytime I go to the market to buy yarn I always peruse the pattern books looking for something new. I also check my local thrift store for old and vintage pattern books on a regular basis as well.  It just seems to me that finding printed books is getting harder and harder to do.   I am thinking print books are starting to become a thing of the past.   I love Ravelry and being able to download patterns instantaneously.  There is just something so gratifying about that.

 Well now I have found a way to instantly download Pattern books that were once only available in print.   Lurking the internet I discovered Kindle Wireless Reading Device.  You are able to download books, newspapers, and blogs.  It uses wireless technology and no interconnection required.  You can be anywhere and be able to download.   Not only does it save paper and space, but since the publisher doesn't have to pay for printing, the savings are passed on to you.  It is cheaper to buy it digitally.   Not only does it apply to crochet books, but all print books.    You can also email documents you already have on your computer and get them uploaded to your kindle.  How great would that be to have your pdf patterns already on your computer all in one place with your other books?   I know I will definitely be getting one of these.    

Beaded Fleuri Bag

My Beaded Fleuri Bag.  This is not my original pattern, it can be found here:  Fleuri: A bag in blossom   But these are my modifications to it.
I love how these clear opalescent beads look like dew on the petals.

Materials used:  
8 ounces Caron Simply Soft yarn in Soft Pink, I purchased mine at Joanns.  However it is also available online here: Simply Soft Yarn -Soft Pink.
Darice Pony Beads, "Crystal" for the color, 360 to a package.  I did have leftover beads.
Darice Brass Purse handle Frame: need 2.  Found mine at Michaels in the wood section with the cigar box purses.    Also available here:  Purse Handle 6-1/2" Frame: Brass if you cant find them locally.  
I hook 5.5 mm
C hook 2.75 mm for attaching beads.

Instead of the original 9 rounds for each circle I did 12, working in back loop only for the first 10 rounds on one circle.   Both the front and back circles were done with an I hook-5.5mm holding two strands of yarn together.  For the petals only one strand was used and again with the I hook.  I wanted a sturdy base for the purse that would not stretch, but still wanted delicate petals.   I started my petals on the third front loop from the beginning.   I put one bead in each center of the large petals.    That would be the stitch where you put 3 dc, it was the second or center of that.    I have a tutorial on how to add beads here: Bead Tutorial.  To finish the bag I held the right sides together and sewed the two halves together 2/3 of the way around.    The same pony beads used on the petals were put on the handles.  These handles are so cool, you unscrew the ends and put whatever beads you want on them.    After turning the bag right side out, did one round single crochet in every unworked stitch, centering and attaching handles on this round.  Two sc were worked in each handle ring. Slip stitched to close and join the round of single crochets.   I then worked one round of slip stitch in every single crochet around and finished off.    Check back for a tutorial for "No See finishing in the round. 
I also put one bead in the center of the flower, using the tail from the start of the circle to attach.

Here you can really see the opalescence on the bead on the handle.  

The Frugal Hook

As the economy becomes worse and times get tougher, our budgets just dont allow us the little luxuries that they used to.    One way I make a little extra money online is to take Online Surveys.     I have certainly not gotten rich by doing so.   However, a few extra dollars here and there certainly do help out.  It enables me to buy that Crochet Pattern, or Yummy Expensive Yarn, that I ordinarily wouldn't buy or want to take money out of my monthly budget for.  Plus, some of the Survey Companies out there will pay directly into your Paypal Account.   To learn more and get started, check out my other blog at How to take Online Surveys guide.  There you will find lots of free useful information all about Online Surveys.

The Going Green Hook-Thrift Store Finds

Before you head to your local Craft Store, consider stopping first at your local thrift shop like Salvation Army or Goodwill.    I get many supplies for my crochet projects there.  If you think out of the box, you can find tons of things for your projects there.   Here are just a few of the things that I look for.   Bed sheets can be used for Rag Crochet.  Old worn t-shirts can be used to make a soft comfortable yarn.    I will also check out the purses and belts to recycle the hardware from them as well. Already made sweaters can be unraveled for the wool too.   Plus, check the book section.  I head there first as it is one of my favorite places to find old and vintage crochet books.   Some of the larger thrift stores I have been to also have a craft section, and have found yarn as well from a project some one had meant to start and didn't.    A great way to recycle, giving a new purpose to unwanted items.   Your pocket book might thank you as well.    As thrift stores are very affordable, not only are you saving the Earth but some money as well.   Such a good thing, so next time, head to the thrift store first!